#Editors’Pick – WtE & biomass facilities


AcuComm’s Senior Editor and Research Consultant, Ros Smallman, gives us a rundown of some of the top projects covered in the past week.

Vietnam: Construction of a 5 MW waste-to-energy facility

Green Waste Management (GWM) and Thanh Cong Cooperative have entered into a letter of intent to implement a municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment plant project in   Xuan Son, Son Tay.

GWM’s waste-to-energy (WtE) system will be used at the facility, capable of treating 600 tonnes of MSW each day and generating 5 MW of energy.

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Finland: Construction of a 70 MWe biomass plant

Last month, Oulu Energy announced that it will be building a new combined heat and power (CHP) biomass power plant that is due to be completed in November 2020. It will replace the Toppila 1 nuclear power plant; which has been produced energy since 1977.

The design of the facility is taking into account that it could potentially be integrated with biorefineries or other industrial facilities using power steam boilers.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Australia WtE Plant

Proposed development of a WtE facility

Ballarat City Council, who has been planning to develop a waste-to-energy (WtE) facility since 2012, is planning to have a proposal ready by the end of the year.

The council currently spends around A$9 million per annum on disposing waste in landfill, so the facility will make big savings for the city.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Poland Waste Processing Plant

Installation of waste processing facilities at a pulp mill

ANDRITZ has successfully completed the installation of an FRX shredder and metal separator at Stora Enso Narew’s pulp mill in Ostrołęka. The shredder will process around 60 tonnes of rejects from the pulping process each day.

The company has worked with the pulp mill previously, providing the complete OCC line for the reject treatment system.

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