#AcuCommWBR – Most Popular Report this Week

In case you missed it, the most popular report over the last week was #Gasification

Since the beginning of 2013, AcuComm has monitored over 80 gasification plant developments in 20 countries worldwide. This efficient technology is being adopted from Algeria to the US and brings 7.8 million tonnes per annum capacity to the global waste sector with 56% coming from Municipal Solid Waste.

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#AcuCommFactlet – AcuComm have an estimated US$317 billion worth of projects in the #WBF database

In the week ended 5th April 2015, AcuComm added new or updated waste projects to our Waste Business Finder database worth an estimated US$5,325 million with a reported waste capacity of 3.4 million tonnes.

This takes the cumulative total to 3,028 projects since 2013, with a total estimated investment value of US$317 billion.

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Gasification-icon3Once work starts, the average project takes around 18 months to become operational. Most, however have on-going operational requirements for much longer.

Aside from MSW, organic materials such as wood and other plant-based biomass are key areas of investment.

Dealing with MSW in a modern way is increasingly important around the world, leading to significant additional capacity being added in this area.

#AcuCommWBR – Most Popular Report this Week

In case you missed it, the most popular report over the last week was #MetalRecycling

Metal Recycling

On average, there are 7 new metal recycling plant developments every quarter and 58 major developments in 25 countries reported by AcuComm to Nov 2014 are brought under the spotlight to create a powerful analysis and trends report. Whether it’s a 100 million Euro expansion of precious metals facility in Belgium or a new plant to recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals from incinerated bottom ash in Singapore, this report puts metal recycling plant developments into their market context.

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