The US Waste Investment Sector

In February 2022, AcuComm published ‘The US Waste Investment Sector: A Brief Overview’, which looks at Waste Generation & Treatment, Waste Industry Drivers, Waste Investment Trends and Investment Locations.

The report draws on the wealth of data generated by AcuComm from its WasteView Contract Finder database which tracks global waste project developments. The database now covers almost 10,000 facilities from project conception through to commissioning. All sectors of the waste industry are monitored, including landfill, waste-to-energy, recycling and biogas.

In 2018, the US generated an estimated 292 million tons of waste, the majority of which was sent to landfill. Around a quarter was recycled, while comparatively little was used for waste-to-energy – a sector than remains underdeveloped in the US.

US 2018 data 2022 report

The full report can be viewed here.