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Anaerobic digestion/biogas is one area where we see a steady level of ongoing investment. These projects tend not to be very large in comparison with other areas of the waste industry, but represent a specialist and high tech niche within it. One advantage of AD/biogas projects is they are typically small and self-contained, and therefore quick to get up and running in comparison with other areas of the waste industry. For the projects in our database ,the average time to become operational is around 15 months.

Over the past year, AcuComm has reported on 151 such projects across the world. These have an average value of US$25 million, and an average throughput of 264 tonnes per day. Average power generation is 4 MW. Again, this is small when compared with the general waste-to-energy industry, but such localised generation is valuable to the farm or industrial site where it is based, either for re-use on-site or for being sold to the local electricity grid. Farm waste is the biggest area for investment, followed by sewage/wastewater projects.

AD 1

Investment is dominated by the Americas (principally the US) and Europe. These two regions account for nearly 90% of projects by value over the past year. Leading European countries for AD/biogas investment are the UK, Italy, Denmark, France and Ireland. Asia appears notably under-developed with only around 5% of the value.

AD 2

European companies predominate in terms of equipment supply and engineering services. The leading firm, in terms of the number of projects involved with, is Hitachi Zosen Inova, the Switzerland-based European subsidiary of Japan’s Hitachi Zosen. In second place is HoSt, based in the Netherlands. Other leading European companies include BioGTS (Finland), EnviTec Biogas (Germany) and Malmberg Gruppen (Sweden). The leading non-European company is Anaergia, based in Canada.

AcuComm adds more AD/biogas projects to its database each week. Check out the full latest information here.

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