ENGIE acquires biogas arm of Vol-V Group

In February 2019, ENGIE acquired the biogas arm of the Vol-V Group, confirming its position as the leading producer of biomethane in France.  With this acquisition, ENGIE now has a portfolio of close to 80 projects, thus reinforcing its ambition to produce a volume of 5 TWh per year of biomethane by 2030. To achieve this goal, ENGIE has committed to invest €800 million within five years and €2 billion by 2030 to develop its biogas portfolio.

Through industrialisation, ENGIE aims to reduce costs in the biogas sector by 30-40% by 2030 to achieve parity with natural gas. This ties in with the French Government’s introduction of the Energy Transition Law for Green Growth (La loi de Transition Énergétique pour la Croissance Verte – LTECV), which sets a target of 10% renewable gas being used in the national gas network by 2030.

Founded in 2009, the Vol-V Biomasse subsidiary now has seven biogas plants in operation, three units under construction and nine with authorisation to proceed. The Vol-V Group will now concentrate on its wind and solar activities.

Vol-V projects

Coverage of Vol-V in AcuComm’s WasteView Projects database.

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