#Editor’sPick – Biomass & Recycling Facilities

Sweden – Biomass CHP Plant

Construction of a SEK 3.5 billion cogeneration plant

Last month, it was revealed that ANDRITZ and Peab Anläggning had been awarded contracts as part of Vattenfall’s project to construct a new biomass-fired cogeneration plant in Uppsala.

Vattenfall has been making various investments in the local area to replace peat and oil with renewable biofuels, including the upgrading of their existing plant which is located adjacent to the new facility.

Construction has now begun, with operations expected to start in 2021.

Find out more about this project.

Turkey – Recycling Plant

Construction of an automobile tyre recycling plant

AKO Group is planning to construct a new tyre recycling plant in Ankara.

The facility will be the largest in Turkey and will process 87,500 tonnes of tyre and metal waste each year. This will contribute to the reduction in garbage not recycled in the country and go towards meeting zero-waste targets.

It is expected to cost US$30 million and open in 2020.

See the latest from this project.

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