Global Waste Investment Fact File 2018: Japan

Our next feature Global Waste Investment Fact File centres on Japan’s waste industry. As of February 2018, AcuComm was listing 150 active projects in the country. These have a total value of US$18,457 million or US$123 million each.


Key points from this Fact File

  • Incineration (with energy recovery) is the leading project type, accounting for US$11,304 million or 61% of the total. This is followed by waste processing, accounting for US$2,142 million or 12% of the total.
  • The total estimated capacity of these projects is 20.1 million tonnes. This is equal to 134,151 tonnes per project on average and 45% of Japan’s estimated annual waste generation.
  • Waste investments totalling US$12,825 million are expected to become operational over the next few years. This is expected to peak in 2021 at US$4,116 million.
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