#Editors’Pick – Incineration and Plastics-to-Fuel Facilities

China: Construction of a sewage sludge drying and incineration plant

ANDRITZ has received an order to supply a complete drying and incineration system to the Bailonggang wastewater treatment plant in Shanghai. As part of the contract, ANDRITZ will be providing its sludge handling technology and nine fluidised bed boilers, amongst other systems.

The facility is one of the world’s largest effluent treatment plants and, following expansion, will be the world’s largest sludge incineration plant. Works are expected to start towards the end of 2018 and due to last up until the end of 2019.

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Netherlands: Construction of a plant to convert non-recyclable plastics into fuel

Bio2Barrel and the Port of Amsterdam have commenced construction on the site of a new plastics-to-fuel plant in the city.

The facility will process up to 35,000 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste each year, producing over 30 million litres of fuel for the transport sector and saving 57,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

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