#Editors’Pick – WtE, Recycling & Waste Management Projects

Serbia: Development of a WtE, landfill and recycling project

As part of Serbia’s EU accession negotiations, waste management practices were set out for the country to meet. As a result, the City of Belgrade is planning to develop greenfield waste treatment and disposal facilities with the hopes that it will remediate the threat posed by the current unsustainable waste disposal practices.

The project will involve the development of a waste-to-energy (WtE) and waste disposal facility, which will eventually lead to the municipal landfill of Belgrade being closed.

You can find out more from this project by clicking here.

Croatia: Construction of an 88,000 tpa waste management centre

A new waste management centre has been proposed to serve the cities of Gospić and Novalja, and the municipalities of Karlobag, Perušić, Donji Lapac, Udbina and Lovinac.

Municipal and non-hazardous manufacturing and construction waste will processed at the facility, with one of the aims being to maximise the amount of restored raw materials such as glass, metal and plastic. As well as this, compost, biogas and solid recovered fuels will also be produced.

To access this project, click here.

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