Global Waste Investment Fact File 2018 – Greece

AcuComm’s Chief Data Analyst, Andy Crofts, gives us a round-up of this week’s chosen country focus for the Global Waste Investment Fact File.


Next up in our series of Global Waste Investment Fact Files is the Greece edition. As of February 2018, AcuComm was listing 17 projects in the country. These have a total value of US$704 million or US$41 million each.


Key points from this Fact File

  • Waste processing is the leading project type, accounting for US$394 million or 56% of the total. This is followed by gasification, accounting for US$113 million or 16% of the total.
  • The total estimated capacity of these projects is 2.5 million tonnes. This is equal to 144,573 tonnes per project on average.
  • This capacity is equal to 46% of Greece’s estimated annual waste generation at 5.4 million tonnes.
  • Waste investments totalling US$687 million are expected to become operational over the next few years. This is currently expected to peak in 2020 at US$405 million.
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