#Editors’Pick – Recycling & MRF facilities


AcuComm’s Senior Editor and Research Consultant, Ros Smallman, gives us a rundown of some of the top projects covered in the past week.

South Africa: Installation of a PE film recycling facility

Herbold Meckesheim has installed the first large-scale plant for the recycling of heavily contaminated PE film waste at Tufflex. The plant can process up to 8,000 tonnes of film and large bags each year, where they are sorted, shredded and washed.

As a result of the material produced during the recycling process, a high-quality film can be made.

Take a look at the full details of this project by clicking here.

US: Construction of a new materials recovery facility

Work on a project to develop a new materials recovery facility (MRF) in Marina, CA, was completed at the end of January 2018.

The MRF can process 30 tonnes per hour (tph) of single-stream materials, 40 tph of mixed waste and 40 tph of construction and demolition materials. The sort lines are powered by the Monterey Regional Waste Management District’s landfill gas-to-energy facility.

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