#Editors’Pick – Ethanol & biogas plants


AcuComm’s Senior Editor and Research Consultant, Ros Smallman, gives us a rundown of some of the top projects covered in the past week.

Brazil: Construction of an ethanol plant

Cerradinho Bioenergia is planning to develop a new corn ethanol production plant in Chapadão do Céu. Once complete, the facility will allow the company to diversify its source of raw materials to produce biofuel and animal feed products, including oil and dried distillers grains with solubles.

The plans have outlined 14 months for construction, with hopes to have the plant operational in May 2019.

For the latest updates from this project, click here.

Vietnam: Construction of a 400 tpd WtE and biogas plant

Watrec has begun technical consultancy works for a large-scale biogas project in Ho Chi Minh City.

The company will provide technical and economic information of a joint-treatment solution, where MSW can be received, separated and treated together with additional organic feed materials.

To take a look at the full details from this project, click here.

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