#Editors’Pick – Recycling & AD plants

Chile: Plant for the recycling of refrigerant gases

Earlier this month, Chile’s first plant to recycle gas from refrigeration and air conditioning equipment was opened. It will remove moisture, oil, acidity and pollutants from the gas in HCFC and HFC cylinders.

Regener, who completed this project, is hoping to implement more facilities in the north, south and central areas of the country.

To take a look at the full details of this project, click here.

UK: Development of a 15 MW AD plant

ABP’s renewables division, Olleco, has announced the opening of a new anaerobic digestion facility in Aylesbury. It will convert over 100,000 tonnes of waste each year into heat, power and biomethane, which will be exported to the National Grid.

The adjacent Arla dairy facility will work in conjunction with the plant, which will help it to become a zero carbon milk processor.

To find out more about this project, click here.

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