Weekly Projects Update – 50 new/updated projects, worth an estimated US$4,705m

In the week ended 18th November 2016, AcuComm added 50 new or updated projects to our Business db, worth an estimated US$4,705 million and waste capacity of just under 8.2 million tonnes.

The total estimated investment value of projects in our database is now US$344.2 billion.

Heatvalue 181116

  • MSW was the leading feedstock reported on, accounting for an estimated 3.6 million tonnes, or 44.6% of the total. This was followed by wood with just under 2.3 million tonnes.
  • The leading country from the past week was the USA with 15 projects. This was followed by the UK with ten and Canada with five.

At AcuComm, our unique understanding of the Waste, Bioenergy and Recycling sectors means that we can provide leading organisations with the strategic insights required to make business-critical decisions. Our Weekly Project Updates provide just a glimpse into this information, which our researchers are collecting on daily basis.

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