#Editors’Pick – Biogas and waste oils-to-biofuel facilities

Nepal: Construction of a pilot biogas plant
Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is undertaking the Promoting Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management Project, which includes the development of a pilot biogas plant project. In October 2016, the Himalayan Times reported that the plant has started generating both biogas and electricity from waste. This is the first time that electricity has been generated from waste in Nepal.

For more information on this plant, click here.

UK: Construction of a waste oils-to-biofuel raw materials plant
Argent Energy has developed a £75 million facility to convert waste oils and fats into methyl ester for biodiesel fuel production at Ellesmere Port, near Chester.

Commissioning took place in mid-2016 and on 18th October 2016, the Environment Agency issued a permit for the facility to operate. The site, which is the first of its kind in Europe, receives and processes 90,000 tonnes per year (tpy) of non-hazardous waste fats, oils and greases, and 26,000 tpy of non-hazardous tallow. The waste will generate up to 75,000 tpy of methyl ester, which will be sent off-site for further recovery as biodiesel.

To find out more about this unique facility, click here.

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