NNFCC publish their annual Anaerobic Digestion deployment report


The latest in the series of NNFCC’s annual Anaerobic Digestion deployment reports has been published in the UK, providing a comprehensive breakdown on sector development in Scotland, Wales, Northern Island and the 10 regions of England. The report includes information on feedstock requirements, installed capacity and the output type for all projects.

NNFCC is an international consultancy, specialising in the conversion of biomass to bioenergy, biofuels and biobased products. Their report comes at a time where the AD industry in the UK is thriving with a total of 185 operational plants, following the commissioning of 50 new plants over the past 12 months and over 500 in the development pipeline.

Some key points from the report include:

  • In order to operate, AD plants in the UK currently require around 2 million tonnes of food waste, over 600,000 tonnes of manure or slurry and 1.2 million tonnes of crops on top of over 200,000 tonnes of crop waste. Developing plants require over double these figures.
  • The 185 operational plants provide electricity to around 350,000 homes, but those that are in development could provide a further 250,000.
  • Of these operational plants in the UK, 102 are farm-fed and 83 are waste-fed. For the 500 that are under development, 343 are farm-fed and 157 waste-fed.

Take a look at more of the projects in detail through the AcuComm Waste Business Finder here.


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