Assessing global performance in the shadow of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all sectors of the global economy in 2020. Just how much the waste industry has been impacted is the subject of a new study from AcuComm which analyses data drawn from its waste investment database. The study assesses how the industry is faring against the background of restrictions and economic disruption, with an emphasis not on the immediate dislocation to industry operators, but on the longer term effects on planning and forward investment.

Monthly trends, sectoral variations and the performance of the top 35 waste markets are examined, establishing where investment is continuing to grow and where activity is declining. The study’s author, AcuComm’s Chief Analyst, Andy Crofts, pinpoints the winners and losers by analysing the current year against AcuComm’s proprietary monthly data going back to 2016 and provides his insight into the degree to which growth or downturns are the result of cyclical trends or the pandemic.

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