AcuComm Develops NEW Feature that ties Projects, Developers, Operators together with Manufacturers & Suppliers

AcuComm has just developed and implemented a new and very important navigational feature within each Project entry in its WasteView Contract Finder service.

It’s an efficient, simple and easy-to-use way to focus in on a selected project or waste area and then to view the wider picture: activity levels – the major players – the developers and operators that tie in together with manufacturers & suppliers.

Search for your chosen Waste Facility or Waste Type, click on the company and view all the other project activities that company is involved in. Great for:

  • Competitive or collaborative purposes;
  • Providing details of what type of companies are working in your chosen area;
  • Showing the level of activity in your chosen search area;
  • Binding those who build the plants with those who equip them.

All results show full further company contact names and details, providing you with a different perspective on each project, enabling you to open up even more opportunities and widen your industry reach.

To learn more, please contact:

Rob Thompson +44 7399 863 765 / r[email protected])

Oliwia Mroczkowska +44 7958 970 862 / [email protected]).