AcuComm’s Waste Investment Review 2019

AcuComm has published its Waste Investment Review 2019, a complimentary 22-page summary of newly-announced waste and waste-related investments during 2019.

During 2019, AcuComm identified 917 major new investments in the global waste and waste-related sectors. That’s nearly three new investments per day. These represented a total estimated value of US$54.9 billion, or US$60 million each on average. These account for an estimated annual feedstock capacity of 195 million tonnes, equal to 212,610 tonnes each on average, or 664 tonnes per day (using a 320-day year). An estimated 529 investments involved the generation of electrical power and/or heat in some form, equal to 58% of the total. The total estimated power/heat generated from these projects is 12,635 MW, or 24 MW each on average.

The data in the report is taken from AcuComm’s proprietary Business Database. This is a database of projects compiled and maintained by us on a daily basis. The information in it is not readily available from any other source. Our analytics use a combination of reported and modelled data. We collect many thousands of points of data regarding investment values, project capacity, power output and likely timescales. This enables us to build models for determining these values on an industry-wide and industry-specific scale. As a result, we are able to provide comprehensive analytic data which remains firmly grounded in ‘real world’ information.

All of AcuComm’s clients receive this report automatically uploaded to their customer account. 

Not an AcuComm customer? Feel free to contact the report’s author and Chief Data Analyst, Andy Crofts, for further details ([email protected]) or Senior Editor, Ian Taylor ([email protected]).