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Value in US$ (millions)

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Year Total
2019US$ 0 (millions)
2020US$ 16 (millions)
2021US$ 0 (millions)
2022US$ 78 (millions)
2023US$ 0 (millions)

This graph shows the reported/estimated US$ value of investments reported for the search criteria, by the quarter their associated projects are expected to become operational. This allows you to get an idea of the value of investments, and also the typical time taken for the given project type to reach operational status.

Project Completion Dates

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Year Total

This graph shows the reported or anticipated operational date for the selected projects. The bars refer to the number of projects/investments made, and the quarter in which they are due to become operational.

Plant Handling Capacity

Handling Capacity Total
< 50K tonnes 1
< 200K tonnes 3
> 200K tonnes 2

This graph shows the reported/estimated feedstock capacity on the selected projects, split by broad size. There are three groups: Less than 50,000 tonnes per year, 50,000-200,000 tonnes per year, and more than 200,000 tonnes per year. This allows you to see the typical size of projects in a given sector, by size of waste/feedstock throughput.

Output Power (MW)

Output Power (MW) Total
< 5 MW 1
< 40 MW 2
> 40 MW 1

This graph does the same job as the 'Plant Handling Capacity' chart, but for planned power generation for the selected project group. There are three groups: Less than 5 MW, 5 MW –40 MW, and more than 40 MW. This allows you to see the typical size of projects in a given sector, by planned/estimated power generation.

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  1. UK - Recycling Facility

    Updated 06 July 2018

    Summary: Development of a recycling facility.

  2. UK - WtE Facility

    Updated 09 April 2018

    Summary: Construction of a multifuel energy facility.

  3. UK - WtE Gasification Facility

    Updated 15 November 2017

    Summary: Construction of a 10 MW gasification facility.

  4. UK - Biomass Plant

    Updated 02 November 2016

    Summary: Construction of a >20 MW biomass plant.

  5. UK - AD Plant

    Updated 23 August 2016

    Summary: Construction of a 27,000 tpa AD plant.

  6. UK - Recycling Facility

    Updated 04 December 2015

    Summary: Construction of a recycling facility for construction and commercial waste.

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