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Waste Business Reports: The Essential Landfill Report 2016 - 2019

Key Report Facts:

If the global Landfill sector is relevant to your business, then AcuComm’s Essential Landfill Report is a must have for your organisation.

Published: March 2016

Get informed and fill your sales pipeline

Not only does it present the most comprehensive overview of global landfill investments and developments since 2013, but it also gives you the direct contact information for key decision-makers associated with those projects in a separate Excel file.

The latest of AcuComm’s new wave of ‘Essential’ reports, it truly is a complete strategic and sales solution for any business interested in global landfill developments.

The ‘Essential’ report will help organisations with an interest in global landfill plant developments in the following ways:
  • Get in-depth insights, trends and forecasts for the dynamic landfill sector, all presented in appealing and accessible graphics.
  • Identify the big industry players - operators, contractors, engineers and suppliers.
  • Understand the numbers - project values, capacity, power generation, geography and more.
  • Inform your sales team - cherry pick the landfill projects right for your business.
  • Fuel your CRM - get detailed contact information for key project decision-makers in Excel format.

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Since the beginning of 2013, AcuComm has monitored over 230 landfill developments in 54 countries worldwide. Investments have an average value of US$23 million.

Landfill is still used by much of the world to dispose of waste, and the challenge for many countries is the expansion of capacity to meet rising waste generation, while attaining stringent environmental controls. Even where landfill is no longer in fashion as a means of disposal, it is also seen across the world as a means of generating power, making older sites of interest once more due to their generation potential.

For a clear, fact-based and practical assessment of the health of the landfill sector based on real projects and not market estimates, nothing comes close to this report.

Benefits at a glance

Current and unique analysis of 233 live landfill projects

Global coverage of landfill projects in 54 countries

Insightful trends of landfill plant investments

A clear examination of trends in landfill power generation

Primary source live information not available elsewhere

Actionable data to practically support your business development

Decision-maker contact information to fuel your CRM pipeline in Excel format

Full content of this report

Introduction & Explanatory Notes

Newly-reported projects

Global Landfill Projects Reported Since 2013

Where Are Investments Being Made?

What Feedstock Capacity Do Projects Have?

Types of Landfill by Feedstock

How Much Electricity Will These Projects Generate?

What Are The Likely Timescales?

Which Companies Are Active In Landfill?

Landfill Operators Listed, as of Q4 2015

Landfill Contractors/Engineers Listed, as of Q4 2015

Landfill Equipment Suppliers Listed, as of Q4 2015

Appendix 1: New Projects Reported in 2015

Appendix 2: Full List of Projects by Country

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