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AcuComm: COVID-19 2020 Paper

A new fact-based analysis reveals where and how COVID-19 has disrupted the waste sector and assesses the long-term implications for operators and suppliers.

Published: October 2020


As the global COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the world, what has been the impact on the waste sector? While the immediate effect of COVID-19 has led to the dislocation of waste collectors and operators, the longer-term implications for constructors, operators and equipment suppliers is more complicated, reflecting diverse market conditions in different waste sectors and countries.

To provide a current fact-based view of how – and where – Covid-19 has disrupted waste markets, and assesses the true impact on investment and capacity, AcuComm has published Waste Investment Trends 2020: Assessing global performance in the shadow of COVID-19.

This powerful report is based on detailed analysis of live waste plant investment activity and answers critical questions such as:
  • Has there been any decline in new investment in recycling, MBT and WtE?
  • By what % has new project capacity fallen over the first 9 months of 2020 and which waste processing technologies have been affected?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted waste investment in US, China, Sweden and Australia?
  • How did investment in peak pandemic periods compare with historical data in key markets?
Summary Contents

Monthly Investment:

Looks at the number and estimated value of new Investment reported in the waste sector each month, from January 2016 to September 2020. What variations and trends can be seen, and how do they compare with the previous years?

Sectorial Variations:

Examines waste investments in different sectors in the first nine months of the 202 (January to September), and compare this performance with the same period of 2019. Key indicators are assessed such as projects numbers, estimated values and annualised tonnage.

Regional/Country Variations

What are the trends which can be seen in the first nine months of 2020 by geographic region? This section provides:

  • Regional performance summaries
  • In-depth profiles of 13 leading countries
  • Summarises of the top 35 waste markets in 2020

Cancelled, Postponed and Overdue Investments

What evidence is there for project cancellations or postponements in 2020 or that previously announced projects have suffered or been delayed?

Copies of this important and timely analysis are available now

Waste Investment Trends 2020: Assessing global performance in the shadow of COVID-19 are available as a pdf report for £395.00 a copy. To order click here.

In-depth profiles of 13 leading countries














Full content of this report


Key Findings

Monthly Investments

Sectoral Variations

Regional Variations

Cancelled, postpond and overdue projects

Sources and futher information

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