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Key Report Facts:

What are the key areas of interest in the Chinese waste industry? AcuComm’s new Chinese waste business report explores these issues. Which technologies and treatment methods are experiencing the most investment? Which waste types are receiving the most attention? What differences exist between different parts of the country?

Published: August 2015

The China waste business report answers all these questions. It combines the most recently-published Chinese data on waste generation and treatment with project information from AcuComm’s proprietary waste investment database. This gives a rounded overview of the market trends not available elsewhere.

Does your business sell into the Chinese Renewables and Energy from Waste Market?

If your business does or has plans to in the future, you’ll want to take a look at this month’s special Waste Business Report shining the spotlight on the vast and developing Chinese waste, renewables and energy market. This exclusive report, powered by AcuComm’s proprietary database, is specifically designed to give organisations the business critical intelligence you need to develop effective growth and development strategies.

Business Critical Market Intelligence

The China Waste Business Report features:

  • Unique analysis of 120 Chinese waste projects - with a total value of US$15.1 billion, equal to an average value of US$126 million per project.
  • National and Provincial data.
  • Insight into waste management methods and trends.
  • A clear examination of waste capacity and power generation.
  • Primary source information not available elsewhere.

You’ll learn:

  • Which technologies are attracting the major sources of investment.
  • Geographically, where the major projects and future planned investments are.
  • What projects have the highest investment values.
  • How the waste, renewables and energy market currently looks and how it is likely to change.
Benefits at a glance

Unique analysis of 120 Chinese waste projects

National and Provincial data

Insight into waste management methods and trends

A clear examination of waste capacity and power generation

Primary source information not available elsewhere

Full content of this report

Introduction & Explanatory Notes

The Chinese Waste Market: Introductory Data

AcuComm Chinese Project Data

The National Picture

Appendix: Generation and Treatment of Municipal Waste in China

MSW generation

MSW composition

Treatment of Municipal Waste

The gap between generation and modern treatment levels

Existing Waste Treatment Facilities

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