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How do you fill your sales pipeline?
WasteView Contract Finder contains 1000s
of new business opportunities

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WasteView Contract Finder – Perfect for Ongoing Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Giving your business unprecedented access to ‘real-time’ project information and decision maker contact details, WasteView Contract Finder is all any business needs to start the sales process.

Quick and easy project search

Simply specify the profile of Waste, Bioenergy or Recycling project that fits your business’ sales needs, click search and receive back a list of all the projects in the marketplace that represent live business opportunities for your organisation.

Decision maker contact details

You’ll even have the direct contact information for key decision makers on the project, ready to engage with immediately.

Real-time updates

Our industry leading database is maintained 7 days a week, with project updates and new project information added in ‘real-time’ by our experienced team of global researchers.

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What you receive with Full Access

Full access to the entire database 24/7
Unlimited downloads
Company search
Saved search
Easy-export functionality for CRM population
Access for 3 users. (Unlimited users can be added at additional cost)

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How do we do it?

Our in-house team of experienced researchers and editors...

Access a unique global network of contractors, operators, engineers, architects, developers & government bodies.
Employ advanced web tools to daily monitor over 3000 data and information channels worldwide.
Capture and organise 137 distinct information and data elements to ensure each project delivers detailed and actionable business data.

Reasons why you should subscribe

Waste, bioenergy and recycling suppliers and operators can use WasteView Contract Finder to instantly access and monitor key waste projects of interest to them.

Cost effective

With a WasteView Contract Finder subscription you have access to high-value waste, bioenergy or recycling projects worldwide. An incomparable tool for ensuring your business’s growth and development.

Always available

WasteView Contract Finder subscribers enjoy 24/7, 365-day unlimited access to the most comprehensive and detailed waste development resource available.

Easy to use

Simply specify the waste, bioenergy or recycling projects that you are interested in, click search and review/print those that best meet your needs.


WasteView Contract Finder truly covers the global waste, bioenergy and recycling sectors and delivers the widest access to significant waste development projects worldwide.

Contact Decision Makers

WasteView Contract Finder subscribers get access to extensive project details including thousands of key decision makers’ direct contact details.

Real-time and current information

Newly identified projects and live project updates are added daily ensuring you get the latest information.

Customer Feedback

Axis Tech started to use AcuComm just half a year ago. We had a vision, that we need to expand our Business markets, and we did believe that first we need to do is collect all data of the markets we were interested in, and as well – see what sort of players are working in the specific areas. Within last 6 months, we gained 18 new potential clients from Europe and South East Asia, and we already have 3 projects on the table. The information provided by AcuComm allow us to do statistics, create our sales strategy, meet new potential clients, understand our competitors and most of all – understand where does the Bioenergy markets ships to. We are highly satisfied with the service.

To conclude, I would highly recommend AcuComm for several reasons : Provided data is clear, up-to-date and correct. AcuComm platform is super user-friendly, and last but most important – AcuComm brings THE best customer service you can imagine. Thank you Robert for that!

Dominykas Šukys, Business Development Manager, Axis Tech

"Just to let you know that I’ve discussed with the team and they have fed back how useful the AcuComm database has been for identifying and monitoring investment projects so we’re really keen to continue our subscription."

Ms Sarah Heineman, Deputy Head of Renewable Energy Team, Department of International Trade

“I think you’re the only ones who have investment data that’s reliable."

Mr Patrick Serfass, Vice President and COO, Technology Transition Corporation