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Waste Market Insights - critical waste planning and contracting data

Waste Market Insights (WMI) delivers current and critical business intelligence across the worldwide waste, bioenergy and recycling sectors that can transform your understanding of the market and the prospects for your business.

Published monthly, WMI helps you define your commercial strategy and delivers business critical data and practical project information for effective business planning and the identification of new contracting opportunities.

Real time, current data – available nowhere else!

WMI is based on AcuComm’s WasteView Contract Finder's unique daily-updated global waste project database and provides an at-a-glance understanding of current trends and future impacts.

Importantly, WMI reports are integrated with WasteView Contract Finder so you can immediately link from the report to the detailed project data that underpins WMI’s analysis.

What you receive with Waste Market Insights

As a subscriber to Waste Market Insight you receive:

12 monthly pdf reports detailing the latest developments, a 12-month summary and forecasts of how capacity coming on stream will impact the market in coming years. Each monthly Waste Market Insights report includes links to the full detail of the reported projects.
12 months’ full access to our unique daily-updated global waste project database WasteView Contract Finder.

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How do we do it?

Waste Market Insights’ experienced analysts interrogate Waste Contract Finder’s global waste development database and apply robust research methodologies and sophisticated data modelling to identify significant trends and forecasts.

Reasons why you should subscribe

Waste, bioenergy and recycling suppliers and operators who use Waste Market Insights can lead – not follow – the market.

Understand sector trends

Revealing key trends and insights that address technologies, feedstocks, geographies, outputs, values, capacities, volumes and more.

Accurate industry forecasts

Waste Market Insights' detailed analysis of pipeline and new project completion data help you to prepare for the future.


Waste Market Insights’ analysis of global waste, bioenergy and recycling projects delivers the most comprehensive view available of waste developments worldwide.

Contact details

All Waste Market Insights subscribers get access to WasteView Contract Finder each of which includes key decision makers’ contacts.

Real-time information

Newly identified projects and live project updates are added to the WasteView Contract Finder daily, ensuring you stay one step ahead.

Turn strategy to sales

Waste Market Insights helps you define your commercial strategy and delivers business critical insights and practical information for developing new sales and contracting contacts.

AcuComm's Waste Market Insights ensures your
sales strategy is aligned with industry trends via
real-time business intelligence.

For a quick assessment of the market
potential go to "Instant MarketView"

Customer Feedback

“a1-cbiss have previously used other tender/project bulletins but AcuComm also gives us access to market intel and reporting. It allows us to stay informed of the latest projects and how they’re developing, understand market data to make informed business decisions."

Mr Richard Barry, CEMS Sales Engineer & Business Development, a1-cbiss Limited

"We are very impressed with both the new and older updated projects, especially with the level of detail and accuracy of the contact names and job titles.”

Mr. Neil Buckland, Valmet Automation Limmited