AcuComm Waste Business Finder


Below you can access a list of all the waste and recycling hightlights that AcuComm have produced from the WasteView Contract Finder database. To find out more information about the highlights or WasteView Contract finder contact us.

  1. Dealing with MSW in China

    Date Published: 6th April 2022

    Description: Waste-to-energy has proved the most popular means of dealing with rapidly rising waste levels

  2. The Global Opportunities of Plastic Waste

    Date Published: 5th April 2022

    Description: The best way to deal with plastic waste is to see value in it.

  3. Meeting the Challenge of Lithium Battery Recycling

    Date Published: 30th March 2022

    Description: Recycling expired vehicle batteries is a new and growing challenge for the industry