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What are cookies?

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Our cookie policy

The aim of using cookies is to provide you with an optimised 'user experience' as we understand your need to find the most relevant information quickly and easily.

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The analytical cookies we use are Google Analytics; a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate your use of the web site and to compile reports for us on activity on the web site.  Google Analytics also uses cookies in order to analyse how, when and where visitors use our websites, but this information is not tied to any personally identifiable information.  We only use this data to improve your experience of AcuComm.

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AcuComm Waste Management Project Subscribers and Cookies

The AcuComm web site provides to subscriber a rich environment for accessing data on world waste management projects and holds account details which you can access.  If cookies are disabled then the functionality for subscribers of the AcuComm site may be limited. 

Continued use of the site means we assume you agree with the usage of our cookies. 


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