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Where there are people there is waste. The more industrialised the economy and the more consumer spending there is the greater amount of waste. First world markets have been struggling with waste management for several years, yet even with the growth of recycling and efficient waste disposal many countries are facing problems of over utilisation of landfill and insufficient capacity in new disposal technologies.

In the expanding emerging economies the growing issue of waste is a fairly recent phenomenon. The expansion of the industrial activity has led, in many countries, to migration from rural to urban centres with wider economic activity resulting from increasing disposable incomes. Unmet need for waste management is great and this represents opportunities for suppliers of plant and equipment - but only if you know where the need is now, how it will grow, the operating environment and the level of social/political determination to adopt efficient waste management technologies.

AcuComm’s Waste Management Reports and Fact Files provide highly-focused assessments of trends in local and regional markets worldwide

Our reports and fact files provide statistics, trends and forecasts that really inform those looking to understand waste marketplaces. Rich in statistics, tables, charts and maps, the areas typically covered include:

  • Past & future: 5-year forecasts for economic, demographic, waste throughput in the context of 5-year historical trends
  • Waste Facilities: Analysis of current waste management and treatment infrastructure by waste type, location, capacity, operator and suppliers
  • Disposal: Current methods and how they are changing
  • Specialty areas: Hazardous and medical waste, where relevant
  • Evaluation Rankings: Our own view of a trends and potential for key indicators

Robust, primary research and forecasting

We use primary source data and, where possible, standardise it to provide comparative figures. Using proven forecasting methodology informed by real market developments we then present a range of forecast options for key indicators. It not all figures! Depending on the subject and report type, our investigation will identify installed plant, current disposal methods and includes a ranking of opportunity. Why not download a sample report now and evaluate its quality for yourself?

Excellent value for money

AcuComm’s Waste Management Reports and Fact Files are the result of considerable primary research and expertise but are brought to you from prices as low as £95.00 a copy.

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