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France - Biofuels, Recycling & Bioplastics Complex

28/04/2021 | Project Number: 008373

Key Project Facts

Country: Location:
France Please click to get access
Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
Waste-to-Fuel Recycling, Waste-to-Co-Product, Waste-to-Fuel
Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
Organic (general/unspecified) Animal, Oil Sludge/Waste Oil, Plastics, Agriculture
Development Phase: Value:
Please click to get access Please click to get access
Byproduct: Capacity (tonnes/year):
Bioplastics Please click to get access
Commission Date:
Please click to get access

Development of biofuel, recycling and bioplastics plants on former oil refinery site.

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