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Helping you unlock opportunities in global waste management markets worldwide

AcuComm is an independent UK-based research company dedicated to identifying and publishing plant construction, equipping and extension projects in the global waste management industry. Importantly for our customers, we put projects into their operating context with market analysis and trend forecasting of key waste markets.

As the world’s population expands and economic development encourages wider consumer and industrial activity, so the problem of dealing with the resulting waste grows. It has been identified as one of the key environmental and social challenges for both established and emerging countries and investment into efficient waste management systems is rapidly expanding. As Landfill becomes environmentally unacceptable and as the number and capacity of sites matures, new systems which recycle waste and/or incinerate waste for power generation are rising in importance and value.

The waste sectors we cover

AcuComm covers all major waste management sectors

  • Energy from waste
  • Bioenergy (Biomass, Biogas and Biofuel)
  • Recycling
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Composting
  • Landfill

The Leading Industry Authority

Our unique content and dedicated industry research, have inspired many prestigious organisations and multi-national companies, such as ISWA, UN (UNEP), Veolia, SITA, WM, Metso, SACYR INDUSTRIAL and more, to forge close strategic relationships with AcuComm.

Use our wide experience for global reach

The team behind AcuComm has wide research and editorial experience in international project information services going back 30 years across a range of industries including, water and waste management, mining, construction, healthcare and leisure.

The information we provide is truly international and covers both established and key emerging markets worldwide.

Who will benefit from using AcuComm?

In short, anyone who builds, equips, operates or services waste management plants. Waste management plants require considerable infrastructure to make them efficient and that means opportunities across a number of equipment supply and service sectors. In addition, AcuComm covers new and emerging technologies making it the ideal way to track test/pilot sites.

Time is money - save yours!

Finding new opportunities and being aware of the activities of competitors and collaborators or understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a market is essential work but can be a time consuming task. Too often such research is not a dedicated job, and so frequently gets overlooked in favour of more pressing activity. By using AcuComm’s Waste Business Finder you can identify new sales opportunities by technology type of country and use our management reports and statistic rich fact files to drill down into market environments. Our intuitive and powerful search capability will quickly find relevant projects and analysis.

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