AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Spain Recycling Plant

Development of a plastic film recycling plant

A new project has been given approval in Granada to increase the rate of recycling of plastic film present in municipal solid waste by 62%. It will involve developing a semi-industrial plant that will process up to 10,000 tonnes of plastic film each year.

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#Editors’Pick – Incineration and Plastics-to-Fuel Facilities

China: Construction of a sewage sludge drying and incineration plant

ANDRITZ has received an order to supply a complete drying and incineration system to the Bailonggang wastewater treatment plant in Shanghai. As part of the contract, ANDRITZ will be providing its sludge handling technology and nine fluidised bed boilers, amongst other systems.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Ireland Recycling/Waste-to-Co-Product Facility

Development of a phosphorus recovery facility

The Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), which treats most of the wastewater from the Greater Dublin area, is to be upgraded as part of a new project.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Malta WtE Facility

Construction of a WtE plant

The Maltese government has decided to proceed with the construction of a waste-to-energy (WtE) plant at the Maghtab waste complex. The project will be part of the country’s Waste Management Plan 2014-2020.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – US Waste Management Facility

Development of a waste recycling and disposal facility

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is redeveloping the Connecticut Solid Waste System Project (CSWSP), which is currently operating the CSWS Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), the MIRA/ReCommunity Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and various waste transfer stations in the area. The site has been operational since 1988, but is approaching the end of its lifespan and therefore needs upgrading or replacing.

Last month, DEEP selected Sacyr Rooney Recovery Team to modernise the MRF, which will involve the refurbishment of the power block facility and construction of new sorting lines at the waste processing facility.

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Weekly Projects Update – 43 new/updated projects, worth an estimated US$2,844m

In the week ended 17th November 2017, AcuComm added or updated 43 projects to our database. These have a combined estimated value of US$2,844 million. There were 17 new projects this week and 26 updates.

The total number of projects in the AcuComm database is now around 4,968. They have an estimated value of US$334.3 million or US$67 million on average.

Heatvalue 171117

  • The UK was the leading country in the past week in terms of project value, accounting for US$750 million. This was equal to 26.4% of the total for the week.
  • The leading company last week was BioGTS, a contractor/engineer based in Finland.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – US Biomass Plant

Construction of a 1 MW biomass plant

Concord Blue Energy, who is developing a biomass plant in Eager, Apache County, AZ, has engaged Lockheed Martin for the design, engineering, procurement and construction of the facility. They will provide supporting services and resume construction of the plant, which first commenced in November 2016, during the first quarter of 2019.

Concord’s Reformer technology will be used at the plant and can convert nearly any type of organic waste into clean, sustainable energy. Rather than using incineration to convert waste materials, Concord’s patented technology uses heat transfer, making it unique to other waste-to-energy processes.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Germany Biomass Pellet Plant & CHP

Construction of wood pellet and cogeneration plants

Earlier this month, a groundbreaking ceremony was held as the foundation stones were laid as part of a new waste project in Bavaria.

WUN Energie, who are responsible for the project, are implementing a biomass pellet plant that will produce over 100,000 tonnes of pellets each year, as well as a combined heat and power (CHP) plant that will dry the pellets. The biomass plant will supply around 25,000 homes with heating and hot water, while the cogeneration plant will supply approximately 40,000 with electricity.

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Global Waste Investment Fact File: Turkey

Next up in our series of Global Waste Investment Fact Files is the Turkey edition. As of August 2017, AcuComm was listing 11 projects in the country, with a total value of US$681 million, or US$62 million each.


Key points from this Fact File:

  • Incineration (with energy recovery) is the leading project type, accounting for US$367 million or 54% of the total. This is followed by recycling, accounting for US$133 million or 20%.
  • The total estimated capacity of these projects is 3.5 million tonnes. This is equal to 316,338 tonnes per project on average.
  • This capacity is equal to 12% of Turkey’s estimated annual waste generation, at 28 million tonnes.
  • Waste investments totalling US$532 million are expected to become operational over the next few years. This is currently expected to peak in 2019 at US$260 million.


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