#Editor’sPick – Biogas & WtE Facilities

Norway – Biogas Plant

Installation of a liquid biogas plant

The “world’s largest facility” for the production of liquid biogas has commenced operations in Skogn, following almost three years of construction. It processes waste and by-products from the forestry and fishing/agriculture sectors, producing up to 12.5 million Nm3 of renewable biogas each year.

The liquid will be cooled and stored before being used as fuel for heavy vehicles.

See the full details of this project.

UK – WtE Facility

Construction of an RDF-fired power plant

EP UK Investments is planning to undertake assessments and designs before submitting a planning application later this year for a new refuse-derived fuel (RDF) power plant in Stallingborough, Lincolnshire.

The facility is expected to generate up to 49.9 MW of electricity, meeting the needs of approximately 50,000 houses.

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