#Editor’sPick – WtE & Waste Management Facilities

UK – WtE Facility

Development of a 102 MWe gasification facility

Alternative Use Boston Projects Ltd is planning to develop a waste-to-energy (WtE) gasification facility on land adjacent to a biomass plant which is currently under construction at Riverside Industrial Estate.

The facility will produce 102 MW of electricity, of which 80 MW will be supplied to the National Grid.

Find out more about this project.

France – Waste Management Facility

Redevelopment to include WtE, sorting and SRF facilities

Veolia will be continuing operations at the Couëron Waste Treatment and Recovery Center (CTVD) after renewing its contract last month. As a result, the company will be undertaking €45 million worth of capital works including:

  • WtE plant
  • Collection sorting centre
  • Solid recovered fuel (SRF) production unit

Upgrades at the facility will increase energy production and mean that 100% of the waste collected from household selective sorting is recovered.

Catch up on the latest from this project.

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