Introducing the European Biomass Investment Fact File 2018

As the European Union edges closer to generating 20% of its electricity using only renewable sources by 2020, biomass facilities on the continent are becoming ever-more prominent in the investment landscape.

To help you gauge the relative dynamism of Europe’s major and developing biomass markets, AcuComm’s Chief Data Analyst, Andy Crofts, has developed a brand new report for 2018, covering the latest stats and project data from 23 countries. The data is taken from AcuComm’s proprietary Business Database. This is a database of projects compiled and maintained by us on a daily basis since 2013. The information in it is not readily available from any other source.


Report summary


The 23 countries in this Fact File account for 729 energy from biomass projects, with a combined investment value of US$49 billion. Projects average US$67 million, but this can fluctuate greatly depending on the technology and designed capacity of each.

Around 71% of projects are currently operational, while the remainder are in various stages of planning and construction. Our data suggests US$5.2 billion of investment is due to become operational during 2018, with a further US$17 billion between the 2019-2023 period.



While a variety of biomass feedstocks are used in the projects covered, wood is by far the largest in terms of investment value. 377 projects with an estimated value of US$29.8 billion utilise wood waste, industrial by-products, chips or specially-grown material.



All countries in this report share similar regulatory framework, but it has become apparent that there are very different trends in the use of renewables to generate power across Europe. As to be expected, some countries are further advanced; the likes of Latvia utilise biomass to generate over 95% of their power, while others such as France, Germany and the UK are investing heavily to improve their rates.


The European Biomass Investment Fact File is available to purchase now! If you’d like to explore the prominence of biomass across the continent and find out which markets could provide opportunities to break through, click here.

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