AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Ukraine Biofuel District Heating Network

Installation of biofuel boilers for a district heating system.

In the latest update on Lutskteplo’s district heating network upgrade, EBRD announced last month that it was inviting tenders for the installation of 3.4 km of pre-insulated pipes for ‘Network 2′, with a closing date of 20th March.

EBRD, also revealed that tendering for the following would be expected to start in the first quarter of 2018:

  • Individual heat substations;
  • Modernisation of boiler houses and CHS;
  • Rehabilitation and replacement of district heating networks ( Installation of pre-insulated pipes);
  • Monitoring and dispatching system (SCADA).

As well as this, Progress 92 is nearing completion of its contract for the decommissioning of the basement boilers and Enertex is expected to complete the biofuel installation by June.

For more details of this project, click here.

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