#Editors’Pick – Solid waste treatment & biogas facilities

Vietnam: Construction of a solid waste treatment complex

The second stage of the South Binh Duong Solid Waste Treatment Complex has been put into operation four months ahead of schedule. As part of the latest phase, a landfill gas-fuelled power generation complex and an incinerator for hazardous waste were constructed.

The site can now process up to 1,200 tonnes of household waste, 400 tonnes of industrial waste, 200 tonnes of hazardous industrial waste and 3 tonnes of medical waste each day.

If you’d like to find out more about this project, click here.

Ukraine: Development of a 15.6 MW biogas plant

A 15.6 MW biogas plant located next to Ukraine-2001’s sugar refinery in Teofipol was inaugurated last month. It’s being heralded as the largest in the country, featuring six 3,800 cubic metre reactors which process cattle manure, corn silage and sugar beet pulp.

To take a look at the full details from this project, click here.

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