#Editors’Pick – WtE facility and energy recovery park

Thailand: Development of an industrial waste-to-energy facility

Last month, it was reported that Chonburi Clean Energy (CCE) has commenced work on a non-hazardous industrial waste-to-energy (WtE) plant at the Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate. When complete, the facility will be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia to meet European emission standards.

Marubeni is providing the EPC services and has selected JFE Engineering as the technology provider.

Operations are scheduled to start in December 2019, when the facility will process around 100,000 tonnes per year.

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UK: Construction of an energy recovery park to include WtE and AD facilities

Cory Riverside Energy is planning to build an integrated, low-carbon energy park at its Belvedere site in South East London. It would complement the company’s existing energy recovery facility (ERF) and would include WtE, anaerobic digestion, solar and battery technologies.

Hopes are that the park could convert up to 650,000 tonnes of residual household waste into green electricity and heat each year.

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