Global Waste Investment Company Briefing: Saxlund International

Next up in our series of Company Briefings is the Saxlund International edition. Based at its HQ in Southampton, United Kingdom, the company’s principal roles within the industry are as equipment supplier and contractor/engineer. Currently, AcuComm holds 25 projects for the company in our database. These have a total estimated value of US$2,878 million, or US$115 million on average.


Key points from this Company Briefing:

  • The overall annual capacity of the Saxlund International projects in our database is just under 5.8 million tonnes. This is equal to an average of 230,767 tonnes per project.
  • AcuComm estimates that all 25 projects involve power generation in some form, amounting to a total of 789 MW.
  • The company’s principal area of activity is incineration with energy recovery. This accounts for 79% of announced projects.
  • The majority of projects for Saxlund are either operational or under construction. As of July 2017, ten projects were operational. A further 12 are under construction.

Click here to download the full Company Briefing.

Alternatively, you can take a look at all of Saxlund International’s projects in the AcuComm database by clicking here.

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