Weekly Projects Update – 41 new/updated projects, worth an estimated US$3,147m

In the week ending 19th January 2018, AcuComm added/updated 41 projects in our database. These have a combined estimated value of US$3,147 million. There were 19 completely new projects this week and 22 updates.


This brings the total number of active projects in the AcuComm database to 4,923. They have an estimated value of US$344.8 million or US$70 million on average.


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  • The UK was the leading country in the past week in terms of project values, accounting for US$1,703 million. This is equal to 54.1% of the total.
  • The leading feedstock was wood, which accounted for seven projects and an estimated US$1,653 million. This is equal to 52.5% of the total.

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Global Waste Investment Fact File: Indonesia

Next up in our series of Global Waste Investment Fact Files is the Indonesia edition. As of August 2017, AcuComm was listing 14 projects in the country. These have a total value of US$1,089 million or US$78 million each.

Key points from this Fact File:

  • Incineration (with energy recovery) is the leading project type, accounting for US$775 million or 71% of the total. This is followed by integrated/mixed facilities, accounting for US$190 million or 17% of the total.
  • The total estimated capacity of these projects is 3.2 million tonnes. This is equal to 229,666 tonnes per project on average.
  • This capacity is equal to 6% of Indonesia’s estimated annual waste generation at 53.2 million tonnes.
  • Waste investments totalling US$1,076 million are expected to become operational over the next few years. This is currently expected to peak in 2018 at US$320 million.
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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Spain Recycling Facility

Opening of a paper recycling facility

Smurfit Kappa has revealed that its new recycling plant in Malaga is now open and is expected to sort over 30,000 tonnes of recovered paper each year. Paper and board sorted at the plant will be sent to the company’s Containerboard Mill, where it’s used to make new packaging.

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#Editors’Pick – Solid waste treatment & biogas facilities

Vietnam: Construction of a solid waste treatment complex

The second stage of the South Binh Duong Solid Waste Treatment Complex has been put into operation four months ahead of schedule. As part of the latest phase, a landfill gas-fuelled power generation complex and an incinerator for hazardous waste were constructed.

The site can now process up to 1,200 tonnes of household waste, 400 tonnes of industrial waste, 200 tonnes of hazardous industrial waste and 3 tonnes of medical waste each day.

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Ukraine: Development of a 15.6 MW biogas plant

A 15.6 MW biogas plant located next to Ukraine-2001’s sugar refinery in Teofipol was inaugurated last month. It’s being heralded as the largest in the country, featuring six 3,800 cubic metre reactors which process cattle manure, corn silage and sugar beet pulp.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Armenia Landfill

Development of a landfill facility

Tendering is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2018 for the design and construction of a sanitary landfill in Yerevan. The site will feature a handling station to sort recyclable fractions of waste.

Solid waste management in the country remains largely undeveloped, so the landfill marks a significant step in reducing the amount of waste disposed at existing dumpsites.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Hungary Biomass Plant

Upgrading of a biomass plant

Veolia Energia Magyarország has acquired a majority shareholding in Bakonyi Erőmű, which operates a biomass power plant in Ajka. Veolia has started a full evaluation of the facility so that efficiency and environmentally-friendly operation can be ensured for the future.

The power plant currently uses biomass, wood chips, agricultural by-products and a small amount of coal as feedstock. As part of its evaluation, Veolia is also looking to eliminate the formation of dust and fly ash.

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AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – Australia Biogas Plant

Construction of an aerobic digestion facility

Hepburn Shire Council has secured funding for an aerobic digestion plant that will produce heat and electricity from food waste. Stage one of the development; which is being heralded as the first of its kind in Australia, is expected to begin shortly, and completion is scheduled for the end of 2019.

When complete, the facility will help to reduce waste costs for the local authority.

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Global Waste Investment: 2018 Forecast

In our annual complimentary market update, we’re giving you a preview into the major project developments in Waste, Bioenergy and Recycling that are set to take place in 2018.


Currently, there are 319 projects that are expected to become operational during the year, according to their developers. Of these, 180 are already under construction and the remaining 139 are in various stages of planning or approvals.


New projects (2018), in numbers:
  • Total estimated value of projects to be completed – US$24.9 billion
  • Estimated feedstock capacity – 66 million tonnes
  • Leading feedstock – MSW (76 projects)
  • Projects involved in power generation – 226 (71%)

With the focus for 2018 firmly set on MSW, the top locations that are standing out in this area currently are Europe and Asia, accounting for 50% and 36% of investments, respectively. Drilling down, three countries, in particular, stand out; the UK, China and Japan. Each of these countries will be high-priority areas for investment during the next 12 months.


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What’s to come from AcuComm in 2018?

During 2018, we will be developing the AcuComm product range to continue to bring you an unrivalled and unique approach to Waste, Bioenergy and Recycling projects.

First up on our list is the release of a brand new monthly publication that will provide a comprehensive round-up of company activity in the industry.

Competition Monitor will outline which companies are currently actively involved in new investments, the sectors they’re operating in and where in the world they are.

The publication is ideal for companies who are looking to benchmark their performance, identify potential areas of growth and keep an eye on the competition on a monthly basis.

The first edition will be released soon, so watch this space!

AcuComm’s Daily Full Access Project – US MRF

Construction of a materials recovery facility

Earlier this month, Houston City Council approved a contract with FCC Environmental Services to design, finance, build and operate a materials recovery facility (MRF). It will sort, recover and market recyclable materials from the city.

Plans are for the MRF to treat 120,000 tonnes of waste each year using a fully-automated process line and materials separation technologies.

FCC expects to take over the city’s recycling processing when the plant is complete, which will take around 14 months.

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Weekly Projects Update – 38 new/updated projects, worth an estimated US$3,128m

In the week ending 12th January 2018, AcuComm added or updated 38 projects to our database. These have a combined estimated value of US$3,128 million. There were 11 new projects and 27 updates.

This brings the total number of active projects in the AcuComm database to 5,051. These have an estimated value of US$355.8 million or US$70 million on average.

Heatvalue 120118

  • Ireland was the leading country in the past week in terms of project value, accounting for US$805 million. This was equal to 25.7% of the total.
  • The leading company last week was Doranova, a contractor/engineer based in Finland.

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