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    Key Report Facts:

    If you are active in the African or Middle Eastern waste management sector, then AcuComm’s Who’s Who in the Global Waste Industry: Africa & Middle East is a must have for your organisation. This 48-page report gives details of all the players in the African and Middle Eastern waste management industry. Not only the leading companies involved, but named contacts for key personnel within those companies. The report forms part of a series which covers the global industry. The other volumes are Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

    Published: August 2016

    Get informed and fill your sales pipeline

    Not only does it present the most comprehensive overview of which companies are active across Africa and the Middle East, it also gives you the direct contact information for key decision-makers associated with those companies and projects in a separate Excel file.

    As part of AcuComm’s new wave of ‘Who’s Who’ reports, it truly is a complete strategic and sales solution for any business interested in making contacts in the African or Middle Eastern industry.
    • The most up-to-date and relevant listings available for the African/Middle Eastern waste industry.
    • Identify the big industry players - operators, contractors, engineers and suppliers.
    • See who is based where - find local expertise in 35 countries across Africa and the Middle East.
    • See how investments fit into the wider picture of changing treatment and disposal methods.
    • Inform your sales team – a practical tool for pursuing new business opportunities.
    • Fuel your CRM - get detailed contact information for key project decision-makers in Excel format.

    To order your copy of this ‘Who’s Who’ industry report, perfect for empowering your 2016 marketing and sales, click here.


    Which companies are actively engaged in the African or Middle Eastern waste management sector? In what capacity and which countries? How to identify and get in touch with decision-makers in these companies? If you need to answer any or all of these questions, then AcuComm’s new Who’s Who series of reports has been designed with you in mind. We actively maintain a database of waste sector projects and investments, whether planned, under construction or operational. We collect details on the companies and professionals working on these projects. This forms the basis of the Who’s Who series of reports.

    For a clear, fact-based and practical assessment of the African/Middle Eastern waste management sector, based on real projects and not out-of-date directory listings, nothing comes close to this report.

    Benefits at a glance

    Data on the top companies active in three key areas; MSW, recycling and bioenergy.

    More than 280 named contacts in 35 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

    Contacts across all sectors of the industry, from architects and consultants to contractors, engineers and equipment manufacturers.

    More than a directory - information is based on data collected by our research team, on companies actively involved in the sector.

    Primary source live information not available elsewhere

    Actionable data to practically support your business development. Find new partners across Africa and the Middle East.

    Decision-maker contact information available in Excel format as part of this report.

    Full content of this report

    Overview Tables





    Côte d'Ivoire

















    Palestinian Territory



    Saint Helena

    Saudi Arabia

    South Africa


    Tanzania, United Republic of



    United Arab Emirates



    Index of Companies & Organisations

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