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Published 11/07/2014

How can you easily understand and benefit from the trends which are shaping the waste sector?

Waste Industry Sales Monitor (WISM) will open a world of opportunity to you. This critical monthly business publication provides current and up-to-date facts and sales statistics on plant developments in the global waste management sector. For the first time, you can regularly see in detail what plants are being developed where, and the companies and technologies involved.

Every issue of WISM is packed with facts, charts, statistics, trends, insights and opportunities that are critical for contract sales planning and that cannot be found elsewhere. The unique content, based on data added to AcuComm's Waste Business Finder database, provides an essential monitor of the value and project activity level in waste markets worldwide.

Every monthly issue of WISM contains:

  • An overview of the number and value of the latest reported projects by facility type for major technologies such as waste-to-energy, biomass, recycling, landfill and emerging sectors such as biogas and biofuel.
  • 12 month review of key performance puts monthly developments in context
  • Summary overview of the projects by waste type for major sectors such MSW, plant biomass and animal waste as well specific waste such as rubber, plastics and construction.
  • Completion date focus - for projects stating a completion date you can find out the value and planned date of completion
  • Technology focus sections examine developments specifically within for anaerobic digestion, biomass, landfill, recycling, WtE providing commentary and statistics on number of projects, value, capacity and, where relevant, energy output.
  • Waste focus examines developments specifically within key sectors such as MSW, food, and, agricultural/ biomass providing commentary and statistics on number of projects, value, capacity and, where relevant, energy output.
  • All the projects reported listing! A full list of projects by technology/country is provided with links to the full project details in Waste Business Finder.

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For anyone needing to underpin sales planning with reliable market intelligence, Waste Industry Sales Monitor is the only monthly source of such critical information available.

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Waste Projects across the world

AcuComm Database Status at 19 Dec 2014

Total number of contacts listed: 8,013
Total number of projects listed: 2,772
Number of countries covered: 146
Projects created this quarter: 316
Projects updated this quarter: 967