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Understand the trends driving global Waste, Bioenergy and Recycling projects with and access real-time opportunities for your sales function with .

The global Waste, Bioenergy and Recycling sectors are developing at such a pace that it can be difficult for organisations to identify trends and make the forecasts necessary to make business-critical strategic decisions.

AcuComm’s unique understanding of the sector, driven by our comprehensive global database of new projects, gives organisations that sell their products or services into these sectors, the strategic insights required to develop new and existing markets, alongside practical intelligent sales information to achieve tangible sales results.

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Unique insights into my marketplace, to help develop a business strategy AND practical prospect information to empower my sales function.

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Unique, accurate and real-time insights into my market, to help me with strategic planning and implementation.

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Practical project and prospect information I can give to my sales function to help increase sales and win new business.

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a1-cbiss have previously used other tender/project bulletins but Acucomm also gives us access to market intel and reporting. It allows us to stay informed of the latest projects and how they’re developing, as well as understand market data to make informed business decisions.

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