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    08/11/2018 | Project Number: 006533

    Key Project Facts

    Country: Location:
    Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Gevgelija
    Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
    Landfill Landfill
    Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
    MSW Municipal Solid Waste
    Development Phase: Value:
    Project Operational US$ 1,000,000
    Commission Date:
    Q4 2018

    Construction of the country's first landfill meeting EU standards.

    On 24th October 2018, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announced the completion of a new landfill in Gevgelija, the first in the country to be built in accordance with EU standards. Funding of US$1 million for the facility was provided by the Government of Japan. The new landfill will enable the municipality to close its current illegal dumpsite, which sprawls along the banks of the Suva River.

    The UNDP is now assisting in the training of landfill staff, and planning is in an advanced stage for an improved access road and the procurement of supplemental trucks and loading equipment.

    The landfill project was part of a broader US$2.2 million UNDP programme to support the municipalities most affected by the refugee crisis of 2015-2016.

    Contact Information

    Funding/Financial Services/Agency
    Contact Ms Louisa Vinton Phone
    Job Title Resident Representative Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
    Address Jordan Hadzi Konstantinov, Dzinot 23
    Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
    Phone 389 2 3249 500
    Fax 389 2 3249 505
    Email [email protected]
    Government Body
    Contact Mr Sasho Pockov Phone
    Job Title Mayor Fax
    Company Municipality of Gevgelija
    Address Dimitar Vlahov Str. 4
    Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
    Phone 389 34 213 843
    Fax 389 34 611 373
    Email [email protected]
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