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    08/10/2018 | Project Number: 006448

    Key Project Facts

    Country: Location:
    Brazil Pitangueiras
    Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
    Incineration (with energy recovery) Energy from Biomass
    Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
    Plant biomass (waste) Agriculture
    Development Phase: Value:
    Project Commencement US$ 21,324,050
    Output (MW): Feedstock:
    70.0 Sugarcane Bagasse
    Commission Date:
    Q4 2020

    Expansion of a bagasse-fuelled cogeneration plant.

    On 2nd October 2018, Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social (BNDES) reported that it has approved R$62.9 million in financing for the expansion of the cogeneration capacity of Pitangueiras Açúcar e Álcool Ltda, a plant located in the municipality of Pitangueiras, São Paulo.

    The objective is to optimise the industrial capacity of the company and to maximise the potential of energy generation from the bagasse produced. The project also includes the interconnection of its substation to the network of Companhia Paulista de Força e Luz (CPFL).

    With a total investment of R$78.6 million, the project involves the acquisition of cogeneration equipment, construction of an elevated substation connected to the Morro Agudo system, implementation of a 7 km transmission line and civil works.

    Currently, the sugarcane mill already produces enough energy for its own operation and has a surplus of 90,000 MWh that is traded on the free market. Upon completion of the two-year project, the generation capacity per hour will be increased to 70 MW, an expansion of 180%. The energy export potential will increase by 133%, reaching 210,000 MWh in each harvest year, an amount capable of supplying 44,000 homes annually.

    Pitangueiras Açúcar e Álcool secured a contract in the A6-2017 energy auction, whereby from 2023, it will be allowed to supply energy to the regulated market of the National Interconnected System. Until then, the power will continue to be sold on the free market.

    Contact Information

    Funding/Financial Services/Agency
    Contact Phone 55 21 2052 7294, 55 21 3747 7294
    Job Title Media Relations Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social (BNDES)
    Address Avenida República do Chile 100
    Rio de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro
    Phone 55 21 2172 7447
    Company Pitangueiras Acucar e Alcool Ltda
    Address Estrada Vicinal Possidonio de Andrade Neto (Pitangueiras/Jaboticabal) Km 8
    Fazenda Santa Rita
    Sao Paulo
    Phone 55 16 3952 9300
    Fax 55 16 3952 9310
    Email [email protected]
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