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Argentina - Biogas Plant

10/01/2019 | Project Number: 006425

Key Project Facts

Country: Location:
Argentina Pergamino
Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
Biogas Biogas, Energy from Biomass, Waste-to-Co-Product
Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
Plant biomass (waste) Agriculture, Animal
Development Phase: Value:
Project Commencement US$ 13,000,000
Output (MW):
Byproduct: Capacity (tonnes/year):
Fertiliser 50,000
Commission Date:
Q4 2019

+ Project Updates

Construction of a 2.4 MW biogas plant.

On 19th September 2018, BTS Biogas signed a contract with Seeds Energy Group for the construction of a biogas plant in Pergamino under the Plan RenovAr renewable energy development programme. The plant will utilise up to 50,000 tonnes per annum of agricultural industry by-products and other plant/animal biomass to produce biogas which will be used to generate 2.4 MW of electricity. Construction started on 12th December.

Seeds Energy Group is investing US$13 million in the project, which is being supported through a loan from Banco Ita├║, the largest private bank in Latin America.

The plant will have a 20-year tariff for the electricity fed into the grid. Particular attention will be given to pre-treatment, with mechanical shredding and homogenisation of the substrates in order to optimise the production of methane and facilitate the handling of biomass in the fermenters.

A by-product of the process will be a liquid and solid organic fertiliser, rich in basic nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, calcium, magnesium and iron, which will be used on local farms.

Project Progress

On 10th January 2019, BTS Biogas reported that construction is progressing steadily, with the start of electro-mechanical installation expected in February, for completion in June/July. The plant is due to go into operation by September/October.

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