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    11/07/2018 | Project Number: 006213

    Key Project Facts

    Country: Location:
    Spain Legazpi
    Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
    Waste processing Recycling, Waste Processing
    Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
    Plastics Metals, Paper, Plastics
    Development Phase: Value:
    Planning € 2,627,000
    Capacity (tonnes/year):

    Construction of a €2.6 million recycling plant.

    On 6th July 2018, Waste Consortium of Gipuzkoa (Gipuzkoako Hondakinen Kontsortzioa [GHK] or Consorcio de Residuos de Gipuzkoa) announced an investment of €2,627,000 in a new container processing and recycling plant in Legazpi, which has the capacity to treat up to 25,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of packaging that will be separated and prepared for subsequent recycling. The new facilities will process 2,000 tpa of plastic bags.

    GHK will completely renovate the existing facilities and refurbish the 1,000 square metre surface area. Thanks to machinery equipped with latest generation technologies, the production capacity will increase from 1 to 3 tonnes per hour. Additionally, it will improve the quality and effectiveness of the processes which will go from 82% to 88%, reducing the losses and rejections generated by the activity.

    The exploitation of the new plant has been awarded to the partnership formed by Cespa and Grupo Campezo for a period of four years, extendable by two further years, for a total amount of €5,764,600, which includes the costs of renovation of the old facilities.

    The new plant of Legazpi will treat the containers collected in the Mancomunidades of Debabarrena, Debagoiena, Urola Medio, Urola Kosta, Tolosaldea and Sasieta. The improvement in the capacity is in response to the significant growth experienced in the collection of containers, which in 2017 reached 62.8% of the total waste in Gipuzkoa. The volume of containers treated in 2017 at the old facilities at Legazpi exceeded 8,000 tonnes; of this amount, 2,000 tonnes were plastic bags.

    The main technological improvements introduced, with respect to those undertaken in the previous plant, included two by-product presses with a greater capacity, two new optical sorters, a new line design with recirculations and by-pass, and one ferric separator above the flow of the ballistic fines.

    In addition to the new machinery for the separation and treatment of packaging, improvements have been incorporated that will affect the safety and working conditions in the plant, such as: LED lighting, thermal cameras, new doors for opening and closing, soundproofing and insulation, extension of the changing rooms, remodelling of offices and expansion of the unloading area.

    Contact Information

    Company Grupo Campezo
    Address Antonio Valverde Street 2
    San Sebastian
    Phone 34 943 445638
    Fax 34 943 457998
    Company Gipuzkoako Hondakinen Kontsortzioa (Consorcio de Residuos de Gipuzkoa)
    Address Ibaiondo Industrialdea 27
    piso 3 edificio Orbegozo Eraikina
    Hernani Gipuzkoa
    Phone 34 943 504950
    Fax 34 943 504949
    Project Partner/Associate
    Company Cespa
    Address Cepsa Tower, Paseo de la Castellana 259 A
    Phone 34 91 337 6000
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