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    10/12/2018 | Project Number: 005581

    Key Project Facts

    Country: Location:
    Ukraine Lviv
    Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
    MBT Composting, Landfill, Waste Processing
    Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
    MSW Biomass / Organic not specified, Municipal Solid Waste
    Development Phase: Value:
    Tender Not known

    Project Updates

    Date Change made
    10/12/2018 Tender issued for supply and installation of a leachate treatment plant.
    31/07/2018 Companies submitting pre-qualification documents announced.
    13/06/2018 Pre-qualifying under way for MBT.
    07/03/2018 Tendering expected to start in 1Q 2018.

    Rehabilitation of a landfill and development of waste sorting and composting facilities.

    The Lviv Communal Enterprise Zelene Misto or 'Green City' is undertaking the Lviv Solid Waste Project using the proceeds of a €35 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a loan from the Clean Technology Fund and a grant from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environmental Partnership.

    The project involves the rehabilitation of Hrybovychi landfill and the development of waste sorting and composting facilities in Lviv.

    Tenders for the procurement of the following goods, works and services to be financed from the proceeds of the EBRD loan will cover the following:

    • Rehabilitation of Hrybovychi landfill;
    • Supply and installation of leachate treatment facilities for the Hrybovychi landfill with leachate throughput capacities up to 250 cubic metres per day;
    • Construction of waste mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) facilities;
    • Development of the household civic amenity centres.

    Tender - MBT Facilities

    On 10th July 2018, the Lviv City Council announced that 12 companies have submitted pre-qualification documents in order to particpate in the tender for Phase I of the construction of the municipal solid waste MBT facilities. The contract scope includes the design, execution, completion, testing, pre-commissioning, development of process procedures, meeting guaranteed level of functional guarantees, operation and maintenance during the trial operation period, and remedying defects during the defect notification period. The time for completion of the facilities is 24 months, the trial operation period is 12 months and the defect notification period is 12 months.

    The assessment of the submitted documents will take place within 30 days, after which time the names of the companies that have passed the qualification requirements will be announced and they will progress to the next stage of the tender.

    The companies that have submitted pre-qualification documents are:

    • Eggersmann
    • Control Process
    • China Machinery Engineering Corporation
    • Ceres Group
    • MUT
    • Atzwanger
    • Axis-Waste Treatment Technologies
    • RIKO
    • 3 B Hungaria

    Tender - Leachate Treatment Plant

    On 28th November 2018, the EBRD invited tenders for the supply and installation of the leachate treatment plant for the Hrybovychi landfill, with a leachate throughput capacity of up to 300 cubic metres/day.

    The contract scope includes the following:

    • Basic engineering and design of the leachate treatment facilities including surveying and additional data collection;
    • Fabrication, shipping and installation of leachate treatment plant including:
      • Pre-treatment units;
      • Main treatment unit;
      • Post-treatment units;
      • All the associated equipment - storage and buffer tanks for the raw leachate, permeate, concentrate and chemicals, with all pumps and accessories, instruments etc;
    • All associated works (civil works, construction, electrical, automation);
    • Commissioning of all units;
    • Trial operation and maintenance (O&M) of the plant for a 24-month period, including all consumables, reagents, replacement parts, electricity etc.

    The contract is planned to be completed within 33 months, including:

    • Supply, installation and commissioning: 270 days (9 months);
    • Trial operation and maintenance: 730 days (24 months);
    • Further defects liability period: 180 days (6 months).

    A pre-tender meeting will take place in Lviv on 15th January 2019. First Stage tenders must be delivered to Zelene Misto on or before 31st January 2019.

    Contact Information

    Funding/Financial Services/Agency
    Contact Mr Andre Kuusvek Phone
    Job Title Country Director Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Ukraine Office
    Address 16 Nemirovicha-Danchenko Street
    Phone 380 44 277 1100
    Fax 380 44 277 1160
    Email [email protected]
    Government Body
    Contact Mr Vadym Nozdria Phone 38 32 297 55 78
    Job Title Director, MSW Project Group Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company Lviv Communal Enterprise 'Zelene Misto/Green City'
    Address 1 Rynok Square
    Phone 380 67 501 5767
    Email [email protected]
    [email protected]
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