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US - AD/WtE Plant

07/09/2017 | Project Number: 005434

Key Project Facts

Country: Location:
United States Western Massachusetts
Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
Anaerobic Digestion Anaerobic Digestion, Biogas, Energy from Biomass, Waste-to-Energy
Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
MSW Municipal Solid Waste
Development Phase: Value:
Planning US$ 80,000,000

Development of an US$80 million waste-to-energy plant.

On 24th August 2017, it was reported that DONG Energy REnescience is proposing to build an US$80 million waste-to-energy plant in Western Massachusetts.

According to R. Stephen Lynch, Senior Project Manager for MSW Consultants, which is providing market research and analysis for DONG, six sites are being considered in the region, with five of those in Chicopee. DONG is also considering locating a second plant in the eastern part of the state in the future.

The REnescience technology begins by taking in municipal solid waste that has already been sorted for recyclables by residents. The waste is dumped on a tipping floor and large items, such as tyres and propane tanks, are removed. The waste is fed into rotating horizontal tanks filled with water. Enzymes are introduced to speed up the process of breaking down and liquefying the organic material. After the 18-hour process, everything in the tanks is automatically separated. The liquid is piped to an anaerobic digester, where it is converted to biogas that will be burned to create electricity.

There are three other by-products from the process. The glass, metals and plastic that have not been removed via recycling are cleaned and broken down and then separated out to be sold to the recycling market. The remaining waste that did not break down, such as the remains of plastic bags and very thin plastics, is used to create an engineered fuel that can be used as an alternative for a coal-burning plant to create electricity. Finally, the particulates that settle in the bottom of the tank, such as tiny pieces of broken glass and pebbles, can be re-used for other purposes.

DONG officials have been working with the state Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Energy Resources on the permitting process as well as discussing options for tax and energy credits.

Contact Information

Contact Mr R. Stephen Lynch Phone
Job Title Senior Project Manager/Executive Consultant Fax
Email [email protected]
Company MSW Consultants
Address 11875 High Tech Avenue
Suite 150
United States
Phone 1 800 679 9220
Contact Mr Simon Chignell Phone
Job Title Lead Business Developer - New Markets Fax
Company DONG Energy
Address Kraftvaerksvej 53
Phone 45 99 55 11 11
Fax 45 99 55 00 11
Email [email protected]
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