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    17/05/2018 | Project Number: 004558

    Key Project Facts

    Country: Location:
    Australia Maroochydore, Queensland
    Principal Facility Type: Facility Type:
    Waste processing Waste Processing
    Principal Waste Type: Waste Type:
    MSW Commercial/Industrial, Municipal Solid Waste, Biomass / Organic not specified
    Development Phase: Value:
    Project Commencement US$ 15,864,826
    Commission Date:
    Q1 2020

    Project Updates

    Date Change made
    17/05/2018 Completion now expected towards the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.
    14/05/2018 Construction of Stage 1A due to start in May 2018 for completion in September.
    10/07/2017 First stage of underground pipes being installed.
    27/04/2017 Construction work about to commence.
    21/02/2017 Piping arriving on-site in readiness for installation to begin.

    Installation of a waste collection system.

    On 21st September 2016, the Sunshine Coast Council revealed that Envac is to install an automated waste collection system as part of the new 53-hectare Maroochydore commercial business district (CBD) in Queensland.

    The system will be installed in stages over the coming decade, transporting waste from commercial buildings and apartments at up to 70 kilometres per hour through a 6.5 kilometre system of underground vacuum pipes.

    The system will use three waste inlets for organic, recyclable and general waste. Waste dropped into each inlet will be stored in a sealed compartment below ground until the vacuum pump is activated at the central waste facility, usually twice each day.

    The system will cost A$21 million; half of the cost will be funded by the developer, SunCentral Maroochydore, with the balance recovered from residents over the life of the system.

    On 21st February 2017, the Brisbane Times reported that the first pipes have arrived on-site in readiness for installation works to begin. The remaining piping was due to arrive in March.

    On 10th April 2017, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported that the first stage of civil works on the new CBD is about to begin and will take about a year to complete. The installation of underground services and technology are included in the first stage.

    In June 2017, the first stage of the installation of the underground pipes for the automated waste collection system began.

    In April 2018, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported that the pipes for Stage 1A of the automated waste collection system had arrived in Maroochydore. Construction work on Stage 1A is due to start in May and is scheduled for completion in September.

    In May 2018, a spokesperson for Envac advised AcuComm that the automated waste collection system installation has been delayed due to a delay in the total development plan progress. The preliminary completion date is now expected to be towards the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.

    Contact Information

    Equipment Supplier
    Contact Mr Jonas Toernblom Phone 46 70 246 1844
    Job Title Director of Marketing and Communication Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company Envac
    Address Fleminggatan 7, 3 tr
    112 26
    Phone 46 8 785 0010
    Equipment Supplier
    Contact Ms Ju Hee Lee Phone
    Job Title Manager Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company Envac
    Address 13, Byeroyangsangga 1-ro, (5F Kyobo Building)
    Gwacheon City
    South Korea
    Phone 82 2 507 2702
    Fax 82 2 507 2704
    Email [email protected]
    Government Body
    Contact Mr Mark Jamieson Phone 61 7 5441 8242
    Job Title Mayor Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company Sunshine Coast Council
    Address Locked Bag 72, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre
    Phone 61 7 5475 7272
    Fax 61 7 5475 7277
    Email [email protected]
    Contact Mr John Knaggs Phone
    Job Title Chief Executive Officer Fax
    Email [email protected]
    Company SunCentral Maroochydore
    Address 1/7 Golf Street
    Phone 61 7 5452 7274
    Email [email protected]
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